Born and raised in Madrid, I´ve always lived surrounded by graffiti writers and urban artists. In love with the pleasure of not knowing and reflecting on the why of things, I found in the artistic manifestations of the street the best way to share my enthusiasm for life and its eternal questions.
I understood art as the purest and most universal way of dialogue between people and their environment, which led me to create Topo, my alter ego, with the intention of breaking the monotony of the street by cultivating small seeds of happiness for all the corners of the world.
Each of these seeds is an urban art work that invites you to stop, smile and simply BE. It can be a sticker, a sculpture, a graffiti … Any format is valid because they all point to the same thing: the use of free thought and individual will to see reality in a favorable, positive way, with meaning in itself and as part of a whole.

In this way we will be able to get out of a grey, colourless society that sells us freedom and conditions us more than ever.

“Being aware of yourself is the way to freedom and full life”