We all agree that art is a creation through which we express feelings, beliefs, dreams or the mere vision we have of the world, whether real or imaginary. However, each person may conceive it differently.

I conceive it as the purest and most universal way of dialogue between people and their environment. For me art can be anywhere and in any format, because everything is art by the simple fact of being created.

That’s why I believe that the most important thing is to enjoy the process of creating and to transmit the positivism with which I see life. I have always liked to try new techniques and formats, having the street as the main support for my artistic creations.

Why not use clothes as an artistic support, as if they were limited edition works?

And that’s how the idea of Art Clothes came about: limited edition clothes as artistic prints (Art Prints) and clothes that I will paint in a unique way as original works of art. In this way, I offer people to be an active part of the project by the simple fact of wearing them in the street, transporting the work and making it accessible to everyone around them.