The reflection on what is art that guides the artist’s thinking in his creative process makes him question the traditional media, resulting in the “Art Clothes” project.

Art Clothes, a unique artistic concept that uses fashion as a vehicle to bring art to the people, making them active participants in the “TakeTheTopo” movement.

With this project, Topo goes from being a character in which we see ourselves reflected to being part of us, infecting us with his good vibes and his way of seeing life every time we decide to wear any of the garments designed by the artist.

Each collection has a very limited number of units to highlight the exclusivity and uniqueness of these works of art that come to life through the people who identify with the project and its values.

Why not use clothes as an artistic support, as if they were limited edition works?

And that’s how the idea of Art Clothes came about: limited edition clothes as artistic prints (Art Prints) and clothes that I will paint in a unique way as original works of art. In this way, I offer people to be an active part of the project by the simple fact of wearing them in the street, transporting the work and making it accessible to everyone around them.